Staunch defenders of the idea.

Acacia Research Corporation was founded in 1993 by Bruce Stewart. Mr. Stewart, with strong ties to the California Institute of Technology, was a serial inventor and entrepreneur who valued innovation. Mr. Stewart’s vision for Acacia combined investment capital, ideas and bright people, allowing their emerging inventions to flourish.

On the heels of the financial market and NASDAQ meltdown in 2000, Acacia refocused its corporate strategy concentrating exclusively on technology backed by strong patents. Under the leadership of Paul Ryan and Chip Harris, the architects of Acacia’s new strategic vision, and after successfully licensing its own technologies, Acacia sought to build an independent patent licensing business, mimicking the in-house efforts of successful patent licensing companies like IBM and Qualcomm.

From that origin, Acacia and our patent partners have signed more than 1200 licensing agreements with many of the world’s largest companies. Consistent with its innovation heritage, Acacia has returned more than $727,000,000 to our patent partners. The Acacia team is un-paralleled in its ability to identify, secure, analyze and monetize intellectual property in a rapidly developing secondary market for patent assets.

Acacia Research Corporate Transition Timeline

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